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...LGBT community in all its rich diversity... Section 1.1

We define a homophobic incident as "Any incident which is perceived to be homophobic by the victim or any other person."     Section 2.3

You don't need any evidence.  Evidence is not the test.   Perception is all that is required.  Section 3.10

Hate crime is the most serious problem in Britain today and the Police must prioritise it.  Section 3.2.

Hate crime is a massive 0.2% of all recorded crime.  CPS figures.  Homophobic incidents are around 15% of all 'hate crime' i.e. 0.03% of all crime.

There is hardly a crime more repugnant.  Section 3.1  ("Hate crime is a most repugnant form of crime")

Homophobia is a powerful poison.   Section 3.6

Our ultimate goal is to eradicate hate crime and homophobic behaviour.  Changing society and eliminating all hatred won't happen overnight.    Section 5.1

but reducing that 0.2% to 0.0% is now the highest Police priority in Britain .   Section 3.6

And it's not just hate actions.  Our TRUE VISION is to eliminate hate thought.   Section 3.4

The police want intelligence on all those who harbour hate thoughts.   
Section 4.2b, 5.2

Loss of hate intelligence is a loss we cannot afford.   Section 3.10

We know there is no such thing as a trivial homophobic incident.   Section 5.6

pre-emptive prevention,  the young, on whom our hopes for the future rest.  Those bringing up the young pass on the infection of homophobia.   Section 5.7d (Focus on the young)

Haters are not born but are bred - and bred from a very early age, While the elderly may commit little hate crime their views and behaviour can have a considerable influence on the young.   Section 6.9

The Police will work to disrupt and neutralise the corrupting influences that play on the young.    Section 5.7d (Focus on the young)

Our aim is to make the environment more hostile to the hate-motivated offender.   Section 5.7c

Read the ACPO 'Hate Crime Manual 2002'