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TRUE VISION is a police-funded initiative targeted to encourage the reporting of Hate Incidents.  Being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender is not a crime.  Hate Crime is.  Launched in May 2004, the aim of TRUE VISION is to improve the service the Police provide to the LGBT community, and to send an important message to the wider British public.  So far, 23 of Britain's most far-sighted police forces have joined up to TRUE VISION.  We are determined to get across to the LGBT community - in all its rich diversity - that the Police are with you in your struggle for acceptance.

The Police Service recognises that hate crime comes in many different forms, this includes Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crime.  The Police have published a TRUE VISION pack with cards printed in rainbow colours to let you know how seriously they take homophobic assaults, words, and looks.  They hope the TRUE VISION pack will encourage complaints about homophobic incidents. The Police define a homophobic incident as "Any incident which is perceived to be homophobic by the victim or any other person."  So there is no excuse for not making an accusation against a homophobe.  You don't need any evidence.  Evidence is not the test.  Perception is all that is required.

Hate crime is the most serious problem in Britain today and the Police prioritise it.  Homophobic hate crime might only be 0.03% of all recorded crime, but even that is totally unacceptable in modern Britain.  There is hardly a crime more repugnant.  Our ultimate goal is to eradicate hate and homophobic behaviour.  Our TRUE VISION is of a society where people commit crime for reasons other than hatred.  Changing society and eliminating all hatred won't happen overnight, but reducing that 0.03% to 0.00% is now the highest Police priority in Britain.  We can assure you we will give offences (real or perceived) against protected groups priority over crimes against the rest of the population.  That's a measure of how seriously we take the LGBT community - in all its rich diversity.

And it's not just hate actions.  Our TRUE VISION is to eliminate hate thought.  Homophobia is a powerful poison.  The police want intelligence on all those who harbour hate thoughts - or even slight misgivings - about protected individuals and groups.  Loss of hate intelligence is a loss we cannot afford.  We know there is no such thing as a trivial homophobic incident.  Every complaint, no matter how ridiculous people might think it is, will be treated with the utmost gravity.  The LGBT community - in all its rich diversity - is a wonderful, healthy part of our rainbow nation.  We are cracking down hard on the perpetrators of homophobia.  Be sure of that.

We already know who the main perpetrators are.  In his measured and thoughtful speech on hate crime given to the Institute for Public Policy Research on 7th July 2004, the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Mr David Blunkett MP, said:  "We need to be able to take on these extremists and say, "I'm afraid in our society, pluralism and openness and the ability to accept differences is crucial to our survival.  It's what distinguishes us of every faith from those who would take our lives because they reject our faith.  It applies equally to far-right evangelical Christians as to extremists in the Islamic faith." (1)

True Vision Police entirely support Mr Blunkett's vision, and his wise and careful denunciation of "far-right evangelical Christians."  We were pleased to be able to provide Mr Blunkett with the intelligence reports that enabled him publicly to identify these fundamentalist extremists.  We gave him details of all the murder plots evangelical Christians are plotting in the United Kingdom at this very moment against those whose faith they reject.  We informed him from intelligence gathering precisely how many church Sunday Schools are secretly training children to be suicide bombers.   We told him how many evangelical Christians have been identified at weapons-training camps we know are held every spring in Skegness and Minehead.  The heat is on for these violent thugs.  Just contrast such agitators with the model of purity which is the peaceful, tolerant, loving, faithful, chaste, decent, law-abiding LGBT community - in all its rich diversity.  A more despicable, dangerous, illiberal, intolerant, criminal collection of homophobic terrorists than evangelical Christians would be hard to find in Britain today.  Evangelical Christians - be warned.  Mr Blunkett's got your number.

As our Association of Chief Police Officers said in their Hate Crime Manual, we are concentrating on what we call "pre-emptive prevention", focussing on "the young, on whom our hopes for the future rest."  ACPO have identified families as the prime source of homophobic hatred:  "Those bringing up the young pass on the infection of homophobia.  Haters are not born but are bred - and bred from a very early age," they said, "While the elderly may commit little hate crime, their views and behaviour can have a considerable influence on the young." (2) The elderly may be the most subversive people in Britain.  The Police and other Government agencies will work to disrupt and neutralise the corrupting influences parents and grandparents insinuate into the young in Christian families.  Whose children are they, anyway?

Police intelligence indicates that too many Christians believe that God actually inspired the Bible.  It also shows that the Bible is full of homophobic passages (3) in books such as Genesis, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Kings, Chronicles, Ezekiel, Matthew, John, Romans, Corinthians, Jude, Revelation and stuff.  These passages can cause mass disruption in the LGBT community.  Worryingly, certain Christians believe each one of these passages is a weapon sharper than a two-edged sword.  MI6 intelligence suggests that Christians can swiftly deploy these weapons of mass disruption, certainly within 45 seconds, and that they can reach right into the heart of Britain.  The Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee states with authority from a sofa in Number Ten that Christians are a prime source of homophobia and a grave threat to civilisation as we know it. 

The Home Office says officially that evangelical Christians make "a valuable contribution to society" but TRUE VISION Police know that someone in the Home Office is having a laugh.  Evangelical Christians are a danger to pluralist Britain, and Police forces with TRUE VISION are determined to drive these troublemakers out of our cities.  We have officers ready and waiting to flood the streets and catch Christian preachers in the act.  Who do they think they are, quoting from that manual of hate-speech 'the Bible', making the LGBT community - in all its rich diversity - feel guilty, sinful and unhappy?  Talking about sin, and God, and salvation in Jesus Christ is just not appropriate in a modern police-state.  The LGBT community - in all its rich diversity - can feel safe because we shall take rigorous action against these dissidents.  Carting them off to the cells for half-a day or so, confiscating all their equipment, that gives them a short sharp shock all right.  And thanks to that nice Hazel Blears, we'll soon have the power to arrest anyone we like for any offence we say they have committed.  That's what TRUE VISION Police are here for.

TRUE VISION Police will never forget we have a duty to the LGBT community.  In fact we are so on the side of the LGBT community - in all its rich diversity - we have encouraged gay police officers to head Gay Pride marches in full uniform in London (twice), Manchester and Brighton. (4)  And that's just for starters.  We want a gay police presence on every gay pride march and at every gay event.  And look how many Police forces now have 'Diversity Units' for the LGBT community.  Look how much money the Government gives the Gay Police Association, and how the Queen gave its Chairman Mr Cahill an MBE for 'services to diversity'.  We are bending over for them.  Perhaps we shouldn't have said that.  But look how we try to recruit gay police officers at every gay event and place recruitment adverts in all the gay press. You cannot be in any doubt where our sympathies lie.  So the Police alienate Christians and other decent people in the process?  So what?  Rub their noses in it.  Where is the future of Britain?  Gay or Straight?  TRUE VISION Police say: "Gay shows the way!"  "Straight is hate!"  "Big Brother is love!"

The Police are determined to stop hate in all its forms - even if something is not a crime, tell the Police about it, because together we can make it a crime!  We've got some good friends in the Crown Prosecution Service LGBT section.  Even if we can't, and we'll do our best, we'll act as if it is a crime anyway, and send an investigating officer around to make the perpetrators think twice about doing whatever it was that offended you - ever again.  Our aim is to make the environment more hostile to the hate-motivated offender. (5) You saw what we did to that Bishop of Chester.  Speaking about homosexuals having a psychological disorder!  Healing power of Christ?  What an idea!  Other bishops have taken the message.  They've kept their heads down and stopped quoting from that Bible thing.  TRUE VISION Police just will not tolerate intolerance.  Full stop.

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