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1993 San Francisco Gay Pride March

This is an eyewitness report of the infamous 1993 San Francisco Gay Pride parade that was so repulsive it was said to have ‘Set the Gay Rights cause back fifty years’.  Did it?  Doesn’t seem to have done.

The Year of the Queer, I was there.  By Bob Larson:

"It started with a deafening roar from the women's motorcycle contingent.  They called themselves "Dykes on Bikes."  Most of them wore a little more than leather chaps and tattoos.  It was the 24th annual, Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade.  Needless to say, I was shocked and appalled by what I witnessed.  It was the world's largest gay event, 400,000 observers, 240 contingents, and 20,000 participants.  It stretched out for 2 miles.  The theme was 'The Year of the Queer.'  That was their term, not mine.  According to the San Francisco press, there seemed to be a better mood than the previous ones, fewer hostile watchers who took offense to gay hand holding, and nipple rings.

That tells me something.  In the era of the Clinton crowd, this era is one in which Americans have become more desensitized than ever to immoral lifestyles.  No wonder the mood was upbeat.  The homosexual community has something to be happy about.  They are celebrating the year of the queer, a year that has seen the election of a pro-gay president.  There is even a cover story on lesbians in NewsWeek.  There has been a spirited debate over ending the ban on gays in the military and openly gay Roberta Actinburg has been appointed by President Clinton is under secretary of the department of Housing and Urban Development.  Sticking out his chest in full pride for all to see, strutting  down the street in high-heeled shoes, they celebrated the largest tourist  attraction in the city of San Francisco .  It was held on the weekend closest to the anniversary of the protest and riot that followed a 1969 police raid on the Stonewall Bar in NYC.  The Stonewall Riots led by Drag Queens are widely regarded as the start of the modern gay rights movement.  However, out of the 400,000 people who were there, San Francisco mayor Frank Jordan was not there.

Just before the parade began, Jordan abruptly cancelled his plans to ride in it because several groups threatened to protest his presence, groups like "Act up" threatened demonstrations protesting Mayor Jordan 's proposed budget, which they were concerned cut deeply into programs for AIDS patients.  And GET THIS, these individuals who wish special rights, who would have us to believe that they are just like the rest of us, peaceful, loving, patriotic Americans so concerned the police that they believed Mayor Jordan 's life was in danger if he participated in the parade. 

And one of the things that upset them was the fact that Jordan had appointed to the Human Rights Commission a minister who had said, "The gay lifestyle was an abomination against God."  Now get this folks, a minister in America could not clearly speak his mind without bringing down such wrath that the mayor feared for his life.  The man was the pastor of Ebeneezer Baptist Church and he stood by his comments.  He said, "It's sad people have AIDS but it says right there in Scripture that the homosexual lifestyle is an abomination against God and I have to preach that Homosexuality is a sin."  Well, the people representing the gay community came back and declared that he had no place on a commission that they said, "was established to ensure that all San Franciscans are accorded full equality, dignity, and respect." 

What exactly went on?  Well, as I said, the parade was kicked off by 300 partially-clad dykes on Harleys, Hondas, BMWs and Yamahas.  Men in drag marched the whole parade in 5 inch heals.  Talk about blisters, let alone some sore calves afterward.  One drag queen in heels sprinted the whole parade route.  Parade spectators punched their fists in the air continually yelling out "WORK IT GIRL!  WORK IT GIRL!"  to the Dykes on Bikes, "WORK IT GIRL!"  I spotted one female spectator on the parade route getting excited by these dykes on bikes.  As they came roaring by, she would pull up her T-shirt exposing her naked breasts.  She even dropped her shorts down around here ankles and gyrated her body, screaming "WORK IT GIRL!"  She challenged some of the Dykes on Bikes to take it off.  Gays dressed in female cheerleader uniforms ran twittering down the streets waving their pom-poms, pursing their bubble gum pink lipstick painted lips.  And instead of balloons, paraders threw condoms in the crowd.

One gay male had condoms neatly tucked into his g-string.  And as he walked pass the spectators, he would have gay men standing on the side lines slowly pull the condoms out of the g-string and whistle while they did it.  One person was wearing a costume constructed of a 6 foot cardboard box that was painted to look like a movie camera with the title "The Gay Agenda" painted on it.  CHILDREN by the thousands watched the parade.  They nonchalantly blew bubbles.  Some marched with other parade revellers.  They should have been terrified, but they weren't.  And people dying of AIDS were pushed in wheelchairs down the parade route.  I remember seeing one of them, an AIDS victim so weak, he was prone in this special wheelchair that was kind of made itself into a bed.  His 80 lb skeletal frame was draped in a flimsy yellow sunflower dress.  That's right!  He was dressed in drag, dying, as he feebly smiled, waved a flag at the crowd.  The lesbian who was in charge of lining up the participants in the parade wore a transparent body stocking.  You could see everything, inducing 100s of bloody welts produced by ripped skin.  I am talking about her rear, her thighs, her buttocks.  It even looked like there were baseball-induced bruises on her lower thighs.  Her nipples were pierced. 

One of her friends approached her and instead of telling her to go to a doctor for having been sadomasochistically beaten by another lesbian, she just wished her a Happy Birthday.  Many women wore spike dog collars.  That's it!  That's all!  Nothing!  Nothing else, but a pair of panties, just a spiked dog collar.  Many of the lesbians, had tattoos.  Most of them had pierced nipples.  How do I know?  Their breasts were exposed.  They wore lace, leather, feathers, body stockings, hats, torn Levis, fish net stockings, spandex, latex, vinyl reptile skin, you name it.  One of the lesbians wore a topless wedding gown.

Sensuality was the name of the game.  Many lesbians hugged, kissed, licked each other, french-kissed, grabbed each other's breasts, buns, and crotches.  One lesbian dragged her girlfriend behind her on a leash, like a dog.  The lesbian in submission was topless.  She wore a leather harness that bound her arms behind her back.  Both had pierced breasts and noses.  A couple of lesbians wore viper black leather jackets.  It said, "Vipers" and they fondled each others breasts, and imitated sex by rhythmically rubbing each others' pelvises up and down against each other, moaning, clutching against the other for better friction.

Then one of them grabbed the other's naked rear and dug her long blood red finger nails into the flesh.  They flicked their tongues at each other and stuck their tongues down each others' throats.  I remember one particularly disturbing lesbian couple.  One of them was topless with pierced nipples, clad in a sadomasochistic leather outfit.  They had brought along their 10 year old daughter who looked just like an average little girl, except she WAS IN LESBIAN LEATHER.  She rode on the bicycle with her 2 mothers, her barbie dolls hanging from one of the saddle bags on mom's Harley. 

Bullwhips were the accessory of the day.  Lesbians whipped each other with their 20 foot long bullwhips.  The lesbians continually referred to each other as "BITCH! BITCH! BITCH!"   It says something about their interpersonal relationships.  One lesbian grabbed her friend and pulled up her shirt to reveal her lover's pierced nipples.  Then she said, "Just think, Lynne is a pharmacist."  The men had on jewelry, high heels, wigs, stockings, bras, dresses, and full stage makeup.  

Who marched in the parade?  That was interesting!  Main stream America was represented.   There were Homosexual paramedics, the San Francisco Fire Department was there, the gay and lesbian fire fighters with their dalmatians led the way and danced sensuously on top of a SF fire truck.  One of the antigades projects, contingents was represented by a float with men dancing in g-strings and bustieas (sp).  There was even a group of nuns who marched with a sign that said, "NUNS SAY NO TO NUNN," referring to Senator Sam Nunn.  One group was called the "Bay Area Young Positives."  There were lesbians and gays 26 years and younger who danced suggestively on a float. 

There was a group of "Straights for gay rights," a group of parents and friends of lesbian lovers.  The families walked along side their gay children, hand in hand with their gay children who were hand in hand with their lovers.  One mother had a sign that read, "WE LOVE OUR LESBIAN DAUGHTER."  There was a group of homosexual parents.  They called themselves "The San Francisco Baby Group."  They wheeled infants in strollers.  One carried a sign that read, "HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE."  There were lesbian physicians, homosexual lawyers, gay bar patrons.  One of these groups had a float with a life-sized Jesus on a cross and the homosexuals on the float danced like Roman revellers. 

The San Francisco police department and its gay division was represented. 

So were the CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION and should we be surprised, the NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, Latino Lesbians and Bisexuals for Political Action, the Asian-Pacific Lesbian Alliance, the United Farm Workers Gay and Lesbians, even a contingency of gay American legionnaires, Gay Lesbian Therapists Association, a Journal Association, and FLAG (Federal Lesbian and Gay Employees), even gay employees of AT&T, and as they passed by, they would say, "WE'LL PAY YOU $75 TO SWITCH."

There were the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" as they called themselves, Drag Queens dressed as nuns, and the Janus Society, who believe sadomasochism should be the order of the day.  The slogans were interesting.  I saw signs, pictures, T-shirts that said, "2, 4, 6, 8, MANY OF US AREN'T STRAIGHT," said by CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOC., bragging about HOMOSEXUALITY BEING TAUGHT IN THE CLASSROOMS IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN.  One man carried a sign that said, "I WANT TO SHOWER WITH A TERRIFIED MARINE."  Another carried a sign showing a man masturbating and they intended to have a pun, tongue-in-cheek, on the subject of stopping AIDS.  It was a "Stop AIDS project."  So they showed the picture of the man masturbating with the sign saying "BEAT IT LONG!  BEAT IT HARD!  BEAT IT GOOD!  BEAT AIDS!"  Get it? 

"DYKES TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" said one sign.  Another one said "F___ YOUR OWN GENDER."  "HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE."  One contingent chanted "2, 4, 6, 8, HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS STRAIGHT."  These were the gay and lesbian seniors.  These were the old folks.  The gay therapist chanted "2, 4, 6, 8, DON'T ASSUME YOUR SHRINK IS STRAIGHT."  And there was even a group of gay bankers that chanted "2, 4, 6, 8, HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR BANK IS STRAIGHT?"  You don't think they want to recruit and proselytize.  One sign said, "GET YOUR WHOLE FAMILY OUT OF THE CLOSET."

Another sign said, "LEGALIZE GAY AND LESBIAN ADOPTIONS."  A lesbian-gay parenting group walked hand in hand with small children.  T-shirts said, "I'M THE MOM, SO IS SHE."  One gay-parent group carried a sign that said, "WE LOVE OUR GAY AND LESBIAN CHILDREN AND GOD DOES TOO."  Favorite T-shirts were the picture of Tipper and Hillary having lesbian sex.  There were signs that said "EAT (and it was a reference---a term I won't use---to the vagina), not cows."  There was a contingent of vagitarians, as they called themselves.  Not vegetarians---vagitarians.  Think about the sickness of that.  One T-shirt said, "I CAN'T EVEN MARCH STRAIGHT."  Another one that I won't even explain to you because it is too disgusting to me, "Eroticize my fist."  I will only tell you that it is in reference to one of the homosexual practices of inserting the fist and the arm into the anus of a lover for sexual excitement.  One lesbian had a sign with a meat tenderizer attached to it.  It read, "FUTURE PTA MEMBER."  In celebration of gay parenting, they carried placards showing sperm.  The sign read, "NO SACRED SPERM."

Two lesbians, who were cheered wildly, walked down the street, holding a sign between them that on the front read, "LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP, 10 YEARS TOGETHER" and on the back it read "STILL DOING IT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS."  Now contemplate that for a moment.  Long term love.  Get it?  With the gays and lesbians, a long term relationship is ten years.  That is their idea of a long term relationship.  And these are the people who want to force employers to provide death, health, bereavement, medical benefits to gays who have lovers.  And how many times are they planning on switching lovers, and how many kinds of domesticated relationships would an employer have to underwrite.  Can you imagine the legal and litigious nightmare that would exist.

The rainbow is everywhere.  It has become a sign of the gay community embracing every form of sexuality imaginable.  The promise of God, the Noaic covenant, the rainbow has now been turned into a homosexual symbol.  How sad!  What else did I see?  Topless lesbians draped with fruit, a crucified, nude woman depicted on the back of a man's black, leather jacket, jumbo-sized lesbians with nipple rings, medieval dress on a sadomasochistic biker gay man, a sign on the back of a dyke on bike that read, "NO GUILT."

Truer to life and Scripture than they could imagine, with some lesbians wearing signs that read, "DAMNED LESBIAN."  There were lesbians carrying children, lesbians leading their lovers by chain, lesbians fondling other lesbians, lesbians as vampires.  I walked up to one lesbian, topless with nipple rings, who had her front teeth cosmetically altered to create 2 fangs.  They were permanent.  She didn't just have them for the event.  "What do you do with them?" I asked.  She said, "What do you think I do to my lover?"  She bit her own arm and drew blood.  I saw women biting the necks of other women to draw blood.  Perhaps most disturbing with the gay and lesbian parenting groups, pushing little children in strollers, they carried a sign which read, "WE PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE RAINBOW FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO THE DIVERSITY FOR WHICH IT STANDS, WORKING TOGETHER IN DIGNITY AND LOVE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."

One car, driven by a gay man, has a license plate that read "PROM QUEEN."  One man had a giant dildo, a mock penis, that extended about 3 feet.  There was a contingent of gay witches that had a banner with a pentagram on it that said, "Witches heal."  Two gay guys marched down the street in high-heels, constantly kissing one another, carrying a sign that said, "DON'T ASK.  IT'S CLEAR. WE'RE QUEER.  DON'T TELL.  THANK GOD, WE'RE GAY."  There were gays who were dressed as monks, a horned-man standing next to a nude woman, a man dressed as a giant, yellow condom, a gay parent with a sign that said, "I RAISED MY CHILD WITH LOVE AND PRIDE, AND ON THIS DAY, I'M ON HER SIDE.  WITH HER LOVER WE MARCH TODAY TO TELL THE WORLD I'M PROUD THEY'RE GAY."

Signs said, "LEGALIZE GAY AND LESBIAN ADOPTIONS"  "LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE"  "GOD LOVES GAYS"  "SUPPORT DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS"  "REPEAL SODOMY LAWS" and there were the gay and lesbian avengers who carried signs that read (making no bones about it), "WE RECRUIT!!"  There was a man who had a g-string with a string attached to the end of his penis.  Men led other men in dog collars by chains.  There was a naked lesbian on stilts, who had other lesbians walk under her legs faining her you know what.  I saw one man on a float wearing something which barely covered his genitals.  He stuck his finger in his mouth and licked his anus with it.  There were many in wheelchairs, AIDS victims who looked like they were ready to die.  It could only happen in America.  There were visitors from other countries.  Their comments were rather interesting.  One man was from England.  He said, "THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN ENGLAND!"  A man from South Africa said, "THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN SOUTH AFRICA IN A MILLION YEARS!"  A young girl from Spain said, "GAY COUPLES IN SPAIN DON'T HAVE THIS KIND OF FREEDOM." 

After what I have just described to you, listen now to who else was represented.  Roberta Actinburg, the woman nominated by Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, as undersecretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  She received the longest and the loudest cheers and she has a gay lover, has been pictured with her gay lover, and is the top official ever appointed to a government post by a president, who has declared themselves openly gay or lesbian.  One of the local reporters said of her appearance, "IT WAS ALL VERY SWEET AND GOOD NATURED, JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE PARADE.  JESSE HELMS WOULDN'T SHOW MOMENTS LIKE THESE ON HIS VIDEO TAPE."  This is the woman who tried to stop funding of the Boy Scouts because they didn't allow homosexuals.  Bob Hatoi, assistant to the President, surrounding by Secret Service men, rode in the back of an open convertible with his lover.  Hatoi is dying of AIDS.  He has a gay lover.  They openly displayed their affections before the hundreds of thousands who were gathered there.  He represented the President of the United States, and the sign on the side of the car said so.   Keith Minoll (sp), petty officer, kicked out of the Navy, fought it in the courts, who came out of the closet on National television rode in a yellow convertible with a license plate that read, "That boy!"  The SF Sheriff was there.  Folks, perhaps most disgusting was to see the endorsement of what took place from a political standpoint.

I watched this for 4 solid hours.  I took scores of pictures to document what I had seen.  For the most part they were freely taken and the people who were marching would stop in the middle of the street and pose for me suggestively.  At one point, 2 topless, nipple pierced, leather clad lesbians decided they would put on a public display of sadomasochism.  One of them leaned over, exposed her buttocks, grabbed her ankles while the other took out a 20 foot bull whip and began to beat her.  I started taking pictures of it.  I was attacked.  What was interesting is that about 45 minutes earlier I had turned to my wife who was with me and said, "WATCH THAT MAN OVER THERE."   Do you know how I have explained to you how some homosexuals become demon possessed because of their conduct, and how I have dealt with them and learned to spot them, "THAT MAN HAS A DEMON." 

Well, I became so preoccupied with taking the photographs and with taking notes about what I saw going on I had forgotten to keep an eye on this guy.  And the next thing I know, him and his lover were accosting me physically.  They threatened my wife physically.  They grabbed and threatened me physically.  They screamed and yelled that I was a hatemonger.  And what angered them was that I was taking a picture of two topless lesbians beating each other with bullwhips.  And he said to me, 'ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW THAT TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY?'  Now this was being done on Market Street, the financial center of SF, in front of 400,000 people and he was worried that the rest of the country was going to see this.  He said, "YOU JUST WANT TO SEE THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF THIS."  I said, "EXCUSE ME, WHERE WAS THE POSITIVE SIDE?"  If this went on, why should I not be allowed to show it?  I said to him as they accosted me, "HEY I'M ON A PUBLIC STREET.  THIS IS AMERICA.  GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME," at which point they jammed my camera, ripped the film out of it and threw it into the crowd.  "YOU'LL NEVER SHOW THAT FILM TO AMERICA," they bragged.

My wife became frightened.  A riot was about to erupt.  She frantically looked about for a police officer.  There was none in sight.  In fact, we had to walk over a mile afterwards to find a police officer.  Police officers were stationed at the end and the beginning of the parade, 2 miles apart, and I walked the entire parade route and never saw another cop.  Now imagine, 400,000 people, not one police officer.  And imagine would you, if on any other day at any other time a woman walked topless down the street OR if a man with his penis in clear view were to march down market street, they would be arrested for indecent exposure.  But this was a moral free zone.

Ironically some signs said, "HATE FREE ZONE."  But the hate directed toward me, the violence directed toward me was vicious, and I knew we were in trouble.  I managed to get my camera back, tried to get them to calm down.  They threatened to beat me, I got free, ran across the street, we jumped a fence, and lost ourselves in the crowd.  By the way, it wasn't the only time I was accosted.  At one point I must have bumped a young lady standing next to me.  I don't know that I did but I must have.  I guess my camera must have bumped into her.  The next thing I knew, a 4 foot 10 inch butch dyke screamed four letter words at me and doubled up her fists and started punching me in the chest.  "YOU BUMPED MY WIFE," she screamed.  What do you do in a situation like that?  You don't hit a woman!  You can't fight back.  And she was encouraging the crowd, as the others were, to attack me.  Naturally I backed off.

The gays would have you to believe that they are kind, loving, peaceful people, only interested in achieving equality.  I'll tell you this.  What I saw was an environment of HATE, hatred toward decency, hatred toward Godliness, hatred toward anything that represented normality.  And maybe one of the most ironic signs that they carried said "LOVE YOUR BODY!"  Love your body?  Love your body so much that you are willing to risk killing it from AIDS.  It was an incredibly sensual environment.  Stroking, patting, licking, touching, feeling.  This parade is about sex, because the gay community is about sex.  That's its obsession.  Some homosexuals were handsome.  Some were ugly.  Some were sweet.  Some were mean.  But I guess if I had to describe the dominant attitude, it had nothing to do with equality and beauty, it was defiance, it was "IN YOUR FACE."  The smell of pot and half digested booze permeated the air and hung there sickeningly.  The smell made you nauseous.  I suppose the alcohol gave them some liquid courage to literally let it all hang out. 

And you know by the time I had watched this for 4 hours, normal and weird, straight and gay became blurred and even "I" was a victim of desensitization, because you have seen so much of this for 4 solid hours and it so sickened you emotionally, spiritually, physically, you just can't cope with it anymore.  It goes into a kind of amoral haze.  After a while, you literally couldn't tell who was male, who was female.  The women who were lesbians seemed to want to pride themselves in their freedom, in their femininity, and yet they showed it by beating each other with bullwhips.  The signs and slogans on posters and T-shirts continually extolled love, but what I saw were cheap sexual thrills and degradation.  The word love was there because the forces of darkness compelling all this wanted to make it all look acceptable.  But it really didn't look like love, and it didn't feel like love.  It wasn't love that caused women to beat other women.  It wasn't love that made men lead other men down the streets in dog collars.  It was brutalization and exploitation. 

For 4 hours, nothing was private.  Nothing sexual was special.  Anything that had to do with the human body or human intimacy was raw, exposed, and disrespected.  Maybe, one of the flyers handed out said it all, "PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!"  And what were the rights they demanded?  Here's what it is all about folks.  I read to you from the flyer.  1)marriage  2)living together  3)children  4)adoption  5)surrogacy  6)Foster parenting  7)guardianship  8)Powers of attorney  9)artificial insemination  10)insurance  11)state planning  12)renting/buying property  13)child custody.  Those are the special rights they want accorded without the recognition of heterosexual monogamy.

But the Word of God says very plainly in Leviticus 18 "Thou shalt not lie with man kind as with woman kind.  It is an abomination."  Jude 6-7 "Even the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah gave them selves to fornication and went after strange flesh are set forth as an example, having suffered the vengeance of eternal fire."  Genesis 1 says, "God created man in his own image male and female."  The year of the queer was an attempt to blur that distinction and commit the ultimate blasphemy. 

For just as man's relationship to God is spoken of in the New Testament in conjugal terms, Christ is the groom turning for the church, the bride, so it is that Satan wishes to, in these last days, blur that line of gender identification distinction because it mocks the heart of the gospel, the consummative relationship, spiritually speaking, between Christ and his church, the spiritual intimacy by which we know him is ridiculed by the suggestion that a man may sexually co-habit with a man and a woman with a woman.

And only those who know the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ will be able to carry a message to Bill Clinton's homosexual America that they don't have to belong to the Year of the Queer, that they can be apart of the Kingdom of God, set free from the bounds of perversion by the mercy and grace and the victory given to us by his death, burial, and resurrection.

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